Awesome car cover! I wanted to try this out because my dog loves car rides but I don’t love the smell he gives my car. When I first opened the box I realized it was heavy duty material which was great. I hoped it would help reduce the smell in my car and be a lot easier to clean than m car floor where fur gets trapped. I noticed there was a pocket to put items. I will definitely be using this for small screws and tools my husband leaves on the floor of the car.

I have a 4runner and it fit great! This is a great life saver. I easily was able to pick up the fur after I used it. I’m surprised my dog hasn’t poked a hole in it yet with his huge claws (he’s a 98lb German Shepard). He has golden fur that sticks to everything and this makes it way easier to clean. I like that the cover extends to cover the rear bumper, to avoid scratches when your dog jumps up. I do recommend this cargo cover. This is called the “INNX Quilted SUV Dog Cargo Liner, Dog Cargo Cover for SUV, Waterproof to protect your SUV, Minivans, Jeeps”.
Dog Cargo Cover – Amazon Link


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