Out of popular internet providers, Verizon Fios is the best (speed and most reliable), then cable internet such as Comcast or Time Warner or RCN (fast if you pay for 15mbps+ but some rare connectivity issues). Verizon DSL is too slow. Recommend at least 30 MBPS if you download or game heavily, especially if there are multiple devices being used simultaneously.

Best Cable Modems

Motorola SB6141
Requirements: DOCSIS 3.0

RECOMMENDED: Motorola MB8600 $150  [Amazon] . Check if compatible with your ISP. Would recommend to future proof and get the modem that is more up to date.

Best Routers

Asus RT N66U
Ideally, dual band should be faster due to the fact that most people use the 2.4ghz wifi channel, and if you set dual band to 5ghz channels, there will be less interference on the devices (whatever you have connected to the wifi). Some older devices, however, run slower on dual band. Another Source – Wirecutter

RECOMMENDED Premium: ASUS RT-AX86U AX5700 Dual Band WiFi 6 Gaming Router $260 [Amazon]
Especially if you are a heavy internet user. This better handles more devices (otherwise internet wouldn’t work on other devices if one monopolized it). Its firmware is also very simple, easy to set up and manage the wifi!

Other Decent Budget Routers: TP-LINK Archer AX50 was Wirecutter’s Choice but Asus is most reliable

Best Gateways

Motorola SBG6782AC
Note: These are router/modem hybrids (in one box). Separate routers and modems get better reviews than these hybrids and are recommended for heavy throughput demands such as HD video streaming, heavy gaming, or a heavily-used NAS box. However, these gateways can be cheaper, are slightly easier to setup, and are a better form factor.

RECOMMENDED Best performance: NETGEAR NIGHT X4S C7800 $280 [Amazon] has higher range and faster (although still not as high range as separate modem/router). Also includes MoCa capability but buying and adding MoCa boxes is expensive for what it is.

Best Wi-Fi Range Extender

Wi-Fi Extenders are not recommended as they are really just repeaters and delay the speeds, slowing them down. A second copy of a MESH-capable router would be more ideal.

Best Wifi / Wireless PCI-E Adapter Card for Desktop
If your desktop does not have a wireless card, this is way better than the USB wifi adapters / dongles.
ASUS PCE-AC88 AC3100 Dual Band PCIe Wi-Fi Adapter $94 [Amazon]

Best Wifi / Wireless USB Adapter for Laptop
For laptops, or if you’d like instead of use USB for Desktop instead of the above Adapter card, get the –
If your desktop does not have a wireless card, this is way better than the USB wifi adapters / dongles.
Asus AC56 $58 [Amazon]
Asus AC68 $87 (for future proofing) [Amazon]

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