Note: Smoke responsibly. Smoking hookah still causes cancer and is all sorts of bad, just like cigarettes.

For other retailers, I recommend (they have all of the good stuff whereas other retailers lack some of the stuff like the Nammor Hose and Phunnel Bowl).

Best Hookah

Khalil Mamoon Hookah
Stem and Vase: Khalil Mamoon $120 [Amazon] is the best top quality brand, and not just in the USA but across the Middle East. Best as in, it will make the biggest clouds, won’t leak, is super durable, and has the prettiest glass bases. Get only single hose hookahs as they do not lose smoke like the multiple hose hookahs (with multiple hoses, you have to worry about the seals).

Hookah Hose: Nammor Hookah Hose $20 [Amazon]. Better than the stock hookah hoses, easier pull for more smoke.

Hookah Bowl: Phunnel Bowl $9 [Amazon] continues to be the best hookah bowl for the shisha, designed for Tangiers shisha, but works for all shisha. It’s design helps uniform burning of the shisha and prevents the shisha’s juice from dripping inside the hookah stem.

Best Shisha and Shisha Coals

Starbuzz Blue Mist 100g Three Kings
Shisha Tobacco: Al Fakher [Amazon] is a great brand for the money, with the flavors of Grape, Golden Eskandrani Apple (Sour Apple), and Strawberry being solid choices. For those who like a strong Tobacco Buzz, Tangiers is the best (Noir Line gives buzz, F-line also gives caffeine, Lucid gives nothing because it’s washed), with Orange Soda (Noir Line) and White Grape (Lucid so no buzz) being definite good flavors. Hookah shops tend to use Al Fakher and the many high-end ones use Starbuzz [Amazon], which is expensive but flavorful and bestows the MOST billowy of smoke (Blue Mist being their great flavor)

Shisha Coals: With Coals, you have two choices – Natural coals which are the best for flavor and are more affordable but they are not convenient (need to heat them on kitchen stove or buy a separate heater-stove, and need to cut them yourself) ie the Exotica (Square Finger Style) Hookah Coal. OR Quick Light Coals for Convenience [Recommended]. Quick Light means they light themselves after you spark them up with the fire of a lighter for a few seconds. Get the smaller 33mm ones so you can more easily control the heat. The best Quick Lights are Three Kings $25 for 200 [Amazon]

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