What is ExaminedLiving.com?

ExaminedLiving.com is an independent third-party encyclopedia on living in the current state of the world; reviewing products and developing thoughts helpful to living the highest quality life and most fulfilled. Countless hours have been spent reviewing, collaborating with communities, and perusing available data in order to bring readers the best knowledge regarding our topics. Instead of posting new articles for new products, forcing our readers to sift through product review pages to make comparisons, articles are regularly updated. Please see disclosure below.

When we don’t sweat the small stuff, we can concentrate on the things that will fulfill us and make us happy in the long run. Examined Living researches both the small and big stuff, so you don’t have to.

Author Disclosure and Disclaimer

ExaminedLiving.com is an unbiased resource for everything from electronics to fashion. To maintain independence from any organization or corporation, we do not utilize any advertisements (targeted or otherwise) and if contacted by a commercial interest (manufacturer or retailer), we may provide new or additional consideration towards their products, but do not accept any form of compensation (donations, targeted third-party funding, or sponsorship). In attempts to provide transparency, we cite our sources, be they written or otherwise.

Affiliate and Retailer Links: We do provide affiliated product links, however, we are truly unbiased and only provide affiliate links for products we stand behind. To also maintain independence, we only utilize affiliate links for non-specific retailers (ie Amazon and eBay), so that we are not advertising products or brands merely due to their affiliate programs. Availability of products or brands on Amazon or eBay also does not affect our judgment. We encourage you to research amongst all retailers, not only ones we provide, to find the best price, quality, and service of retailer. Please contribute and support our ability to write and update content through the use of our affiliate links.

Authors and Contact

For privacy reasons, we have chosen not to include biographies of our founder and authors. Based in Washington DC, this site is run by authors who research, read, and interact with others knowledgeable in the areas we write about. Readers are encouraged to comment or email us with corrections or additions for any information we have missed, and we will take careful consideration.

Please do not hesitate to contact the chief author for any reason at: [email protected]. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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