Drink Responsibly (ie 0-2 drinks/day). Prices are formatted 750ML/1.75L (otherwise known as a Fifth vs a Handle).
Check out a great list of cocktail recipes, most recommended are official IBA (International Bartenders Association) recipes.

Note: There are classic London Dry Gins and gins which are heavier on the botanicals (floral, citrus, juniper)

Best Value Gin for Mixing

(Best to Worst, but all Good Values)New Amsterdam Gin
– New Amsterdam $12/$17 (However, somewhat artificially sweet/citrus)
– Seagrams $11/$19
– Gordon’s $11/$15

– Pinnacle $10/$15 – lacking flavor but still okay value for the lack of harshness

Secondary: Beefeater $18/$25 might be worth if you can find for only slightly higher price than the above (Beefeater 24 might also be a good midway point to the Premiums, better than Beefeater as it is less overloaded with juniper and more floral notes)

Premium Gin for Martinis

Citadelle Reserve
– Plymouth $30 (not overamped with Juniper, preferred brand of Alfred Hitchcock, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ian Fleming (creator of James’ Bond), and Winston Churchill)
– Citadelle Reserve $35 (note: not the regular Citadelle, hard to find)
– Bombay Sapphire East (note: not the regular Bombay Sapphire, hard to find)
– Martin Miller’s Westbourne Strength London Dry Gin $30 (note: not the regular Martin Miller’s, hard to find)

Secondary: Broker’s $20, Greenhook Ginsmiths $30

DO NOT GET: Nasty (Gilbey’s, Fleischmann’s), Overpriced (Bombay regular, Tanqueray $20/$29, Tanqueray Rangpur, Tanqueray 10 – overpowering botanicals very citrusy but decent), Premium Good but not great (Citadelle, Boodles, Magellan, Botanist, Bombay Sapphire $21/29 heavy botanical flavor, Citadelle $30/1.75, Hendricks $35/$58 – a love or hate it gin as it is not a London Dry Gin, it’s a bit soft, gateway gin for beginners, G’Vine, Martin Miller $40 for 1L, Beefeater 24 $18/750)

Note: For Gin and Tonic, use Fevertree or Schweppe’s for Tonic Water (Schweppe’s better than Canada Dry, Q Tonic is too mellow)

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