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Portable Sound Recording

Best Portable Sound Recorder
Sony PCM-M10 [Amazon]
Has the best sound quality, durability, and battery performance. This is better than the $100 Zoom H1 (not durable), the Tascam DR-05 (Version 2) or $108 Tascam DR-22WL (new version of DR-07MKII) (both more hissy than the Sony), $175 Tascam DR-22WL (new version of DR-40), and $180 Roland R-05 (not as durable as the Sony, slightly noisier and not as good internal mics). If you’d like to save money, one of the two cheaper Tascams would be best (the mics on the Tascam DR-22WL are moveable unlike DR-05, and a couple more features. More durable than the Zoom H1 and better sound than the cheaper Sony options ie UX533).
Lavalier Microphone – JK MicJ 004 Lavalier [Amazon], get this newer Stereo version/connector over the Mono 044. Stereo connector so don’t need to delete the blank side and copy the mono over.
Sounds better than the Giant Squid Omni Mono Lavalier and $15 less expensive. The JK is better because it is more sensitive, don’t need to push the amp of your recorder as much. And plain old sounds better, and more quiet of a noise floor. Doesn’t pick up as much of the sibilance range and slightly less harsh.

Best Wireless Mic System
Sennheiser G3 [Amazon]

Syncing Video and Audio
Reason: Almost any audio recorder makes better sound than your video camera, unless your video camera has an XLR connector. And it’s very simple to sync.

Before you record:
Make sure the sampling rate is the same on both camera and audio recorder (48khz).
Soon before you record, make a reference point to begin with, like a clap.

Syncing Video and Audio:
1) In your editor, zoom in as far as you can.
2) Drag either the video or audio to match up reference points.
3) Delete the excess.
4) Unlink the scratch audio (from the video camera) and delete it.
3) Link the good audio from the audio recorder to the video.

Miscellaneous Streaming Equipment

Best Podcasting / Streaming Microphone:
Best Cheap USB mic: Samson C01U $80-$130 [Amazon mic only, Amazon with mic stand package, Amazon portable package with case]
Best “Professional” USB mics: Blue Microphones Yeti $150 [Amazon], if you need XLR: Blue Microphones Yeti Pro $220 [Amazon] If it does not sound well, go to control panel –> Sound>Recording>Yeti. Click ‘Properties’. Find the advanced tab, and make sure it’s on 2 channel,16bit, 48000Hz (DVD quality)
Best Mic Stand: (most popular one) RODE PSA1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm $100 [Amazon]

“Ducksauce” Matthew Rhode – Current: Sennheiser MKH416 [Amazon]
Older Used Mics from Recent to Oldest: Neumann BCM 104 [Amazon]
DPA 4088 Cardioid Microphone [Amazon], Sennheiser MKH416 (picks up background noise so you should have a walled off booth but it has more bass for deep voices than the Electrovoice RE20) $1000 [Amazon], professionally used for lots of voiceover work or “boom mics” for video
He used to use the Electrovoice RE20 $450 [Amazon] with a Behringer Xenyx [Amazon] and Alesis 3632 Compressor $80
??? Shure SM7B $350 [Amazon]
Current: Streaming Camera: Logitech C920 [Amazon]

“Pewdiepie” – Current: Blue Spark $190 [Amazon]
Older Used Mic: Audio Technica AT2020 $130 [Amazon]

“Imaqtpie” – Source1, Mic: AKG P120 $100 [Amazon], Stand: ProLine Tripod [Amazon] or ProLine Desk Stand [Amazon], SoundCard: Steinberg UR22 2-Channel USB 2.0 Audio/MIDI Interface [Amazon]

Best Prank Wireless Mic
“Vitalyzdtv” Vitaly uses the Sony UWP V1 (Source: his facebook), that version was updated to the Sony UWPD11 [Amazon]

Other Mics and Stands: Neewer Broadcast Studio Mic Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand with Shock Mount and XLR Male to Female Cable $32 [Amazon]

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