Personal wishlist – Art, couch, TV, kimono, orange juicer for orange crushes

Below are Gift and Present Ideas for Birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, and other Holidays

Clothing / Fashion:
Automatic Watches, see “Best Automatic Watches
Sunglasses, see “Best Sunglasses
Wallets and leather bags, see: “Best Leather Bags and Wallets
Best Men’s Shoes and Socks, see: “Best Men’s Leather Shoes (Dress Shoes, Boots, Exercise)“, and “Orthotics
Make-Up gifts, see (Under Development)

Shaver, see: “Best Shaving Razors” (ie shaver such as Merkur or Edwin Jagger, Feather razor blades, Styptic pencil, Lady Gillette or other double edge razor for feminine shaving)
Showering (soap) and Haircare (shampoo, blow dryer, flat iron, hair styling gel), see: “Best Haircare (Straightener, Conditioner, Shampoo)
Toothbrush, see “Best Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Teeth Whitening
Best Cologne (Men’s): Chanel Bleu [Amazon]
Best Perfume (Women’s): Chanel Chance [Amazon]
Skincare Products and Gifts, see “Essential Skin Care

Cooking and Kitchenware:
Kitchen Appliances: Rice Cooker, Blender, Refrigerator, Pepper Mill, See: Best Kitchen Appliances
Books – Crockpot Cookbook: America’s Test Kitchen Slow Cooker [Amazon]
Coffee and Best Coffee Maker, see “Best Coffee Maker“, also includes Coffee Thermos and Mug for Coffee or Cold Drinks

Comfort and Houseware:
Mattress Pad / Mattress Topper / Bed Sheets / Comforter / Pillows, see: “Best Bedding: Mattress, Sheets, Pillows, and Topper
Furniture and Cleaning Appliances, see: “Best Furniture” and “Best Home Cleaning Electronics: Vacuum, Washer, Dryer

Genetic DNA Test $99 – Through a mailed-in DNA test, they will get your DNA and see what ethnicities are in your phenotype. They got rid of their medical analytics section (after a crackdown by FDA), however, you could do the same by importing the data to other programs (such as Promethease)
For Car Stuff, see “Best Car Accessories and Cars: Economy, Sports, SUV
Supplements, (ie the first world deficiency Vitamin D) see “Best Supplements
Spare cell phone battery, or an external battery pack charger ie a pocketable 5000 mAh [Monoprice] or bigger 10400 mAh [Amazon]
For best self-defense knife or best pepper spray, see: [Best Home Defense Weapon and Self-Defense]
Best Massage Oil (as advised by Masseuses): PurePro [Amazon] (professional masseuses use this with the pump and a holster). Lotion is the best to work with, actually (one with great glide to last through much of the body). Oil has great glide but can leave a greasy feel and people might want to shower after and they leak easily and may stain clothes/sheets. Creams and gels are complicated to work with. Avoid anything scented (as someone may hate the smell of your oil/lotion/cream).
Best Tasting Gum: Wrigley Orbit is these best Spearmint [Amazon] or 5 Gum – Rain Spearmint [Amazon] Source1 Source2 Most sugar-free chewing gums contain a low-calorie sweetener called sorbitol. Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol that is poorly absorbed by the small intestine and acts like a laxative. A study in The British Medical Journal tells of cases of chronic diarrhea, pain, and unexplained weight loss that was traced to excessive consumption of sorbitol-containing gum (15-20 sticks daily). Chewing gum can also lead to swallowing air, which can cause bloating (or trigger IBS)

Food and Drink
For other International Food and Drink to Try Before You Die, see the International Food and Drink
Best Bacon from [BentonsCountryHams]
Best Pre-Popped Kettle Popcorn – Ziggy’s Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn, as reviewed by Chipreview (or look for other chips)
Best Ice Cream – Blue Bell Ice Cream $129 for 4 half-gallons but it’s the best. Or buy it in a store if you live in one of the 20 states it sells in
Mike’s Hot Honey – Mikeshothoney Honey infused with chilies (put it on pizza)
Preserves / Jam – One great jam is INNA Jam, Blenheim Apricot [Amazon] best apricot according to SeriousEats
Shop for Local Best Fresh Farm Meat and Produce by your Area: EatWild

For Beer/Liquor, see the “Liquor” category above, which includes Spirits – Rum, Gin, Vodka, Scotch, Bourbon, Cognac, Tequila, and even liquors of the world to try at Best International Liquor and Drinks
Barware: IE Shaker set, Wine Decanter, Aerator, Wine/Beer/Scotch glasses, see: “Best Value Barware
Mulled Cider [Amazon] (pour a mug of apple juice ie Tree Top, heat it for 2 minutes in the microwave, and drop in a bag of this)
Tea, see “Best Tea” which includes the best teas, teaware, and tea biscuits

Chocolate Source: 1, 2, 3
Cheap & Delicious: Choceur (ie Dark Chocolate, Aldi’s house brand, found at Aldi for $2/bar, made in Austria) OR Chocolove Almonds Seasalt in Dark Chocolate [Amazon]

Best Value Award Winner – Santander Colombian 65% [Amazon] – Strong and deliciously long-lasting cocoa taste
Secondary: Chocolat Bonnat Chuao 75% Dark $16/100g [Amazon], Amano Dos Rios $6/56g [Amazon], based off rankings [One Golden Ticket Best Chocolates Overall, One Golden Ticket Best Chocolates Values]
Don’t get: Amedei Limited Edition Porcelana Bar $20/50g [Amazon] (overhyped) but if you want a Porcelana get Original Beans (half price as Amedei) $10/50g [Amazon]

Instead of buying overpriced at retail stores (although Macy’s could be a good deal on their monthly sale day, 40% off + 20% off for opening a credit card), use eBay. You could get 14k gold + diamond for similar price or slightly higher silver in stores (albeit smaller size). Style note: Yellow gold matches people with cold (dark) skin undertones (more pale skin) and silver or white gold with warm (light) undertones (more tan skin) in general, however, silver or white gold is more in-style (currently the more classy and less tacky option), so most people prefer those, even if they have cold undertones. For diamond knowledge, see The Diamond Pro
IE Necklaces: $350 0.5 Carat Diamond G-H I1-I2 14K White Gold Solitaire Pendant Necklace 18″ Chain or get 1/4CT for ~$200

While a florist will make a more custom and beautifully presented bouquet, the grocery store flowers prepackaged at the farm level are half the price and you can even order from there for weddings/events (although they don’t do delivery so you have to pick them up). If it’s for a special someone and don’t know her favorite flower:

Best Flower (Expensive): The most amazing flower is a Double Bloomed Lilly, a bloom within a bloom
Best Bang for your Buck: Lillies are easy to take care of
Alstroemeria (Alstros, commonly called the Peruvian lily or lily of the Incas). They last forever and have nice foliage. But also anything that has more of a scent and less of a flower bloom (which will last longer than the Alstros): i.e. Heather, Boronia Heather (smells like burning mint oil), Rosemary, Lavender. Other cheaper alternatives would be Iris, Spider Flower (Cleome), Cremons (chrysanthemums), Snaps (Antirrhinum/Snapdragons).
Mid-Level: Peonies, Mini Callas. Orchids are also a nice touch, but usually come either 1 or on a spray (Stem) and can be pricey. Ranunculus or Dahlias. A singular Sunflower will also brighten up an arrangement.
For wildflowers / outdoorsy feel: Curly Willow, Sword Fern, Variegated Fatsia, maybe some Wax and Safari Sunset.
For live flowers (ie so someone can take care of them at work) instead giving cut flowers that will die: Peace Lillies (albeit kinda churchy), Lemon Limes, Ivy Poles
Useful Plants: Aloe Vera

Note: To make flowers last long, the supplied flower food contains key ingredients that will prolong the life of the flowers. Also, most importantly, keep them as cold as possible: ice water, fresh water, and anytime you take the stems out of the water you need to re-cut them.
Don’t get: Don’t last long – stock, roses, iris. Expensive – roses at Valentine’s Day (and are mundane) and all flowers during Mother’s Day

Fun Stuff / Books / Toys / Games:
For Outdoor Games and Toys, Board Games and other games, see: “Best Hobbyist Games
For Golf Clubs and Balls, see: “Best Golf Clubs and Balls
98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your A** Alive Amazon (for hunters / hikers / campers)
Rockhouse Booze Guitar Rockhouse
Cook Books: Stornoway Black Pudding (for Authentic English Breakfast) [Amazon] (can only order the pudding from in the UK)
Best Lightsaber – Ultra Sabers better than the copyrighted Hasbro ones
Stuffed Animals – Pusheen Plush Toy [Amazon]
Puzzles (ie Jigsaw) – [PuzzleWarehouse, Ravensburger, Amazon Search]
Best Bicycles / Skateboards / Long Boards – See Best Bicycles

Home Decor
Incense / Scent or Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser – URPOWER 300ml $22 [Amazon]. Slightly better than the PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser – Compact Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser With Ionizer $30 (both better than – InstaNatural, AromaSoft, Calily, URPower, InnoGear)
Best Essential Oil for Diffuser – Thieves Oil $7/15ml (1/5 as cheap as the MLM marketed Thieves Oil) [Amazon]

Best Candles – For the safer choice, the best LED candles are [Amazon1, Amazon2, Amazon3]

See Best Earbuds, and Best Gaming Headphones
See Best Digital Camera

Gift Ideas by Hobby:
Gamer – PC Gamers – Steam or Newegg or Amazon gift card
Musician – Accessories for instruments (strings, straps, stands, oil/cork grease, polishing cloths, cables, etc.), a new instrument and/or case, classes to go along possibly, For recording/making music – microphones, midi controllers, recording software, but I wouldn’t recommend buying these unless you are knowledgeable of both products and to what he uses/likes (a gift card would be best option here).
Movie Lover – Get a Blu-Ray edition of his favorite movie (look online for reviews, all blu-rays are not created equal for content and HD-quality). Or buy him his favorite trilogy if he doesn’t have it.
Writing – See: Best Value Fountain Pens and Writing Pads / Notebooks / Journals
Smoking – See: Best Hookah and Shisha, Best Value Vape (Vaporizer, E-Cigarette), or Best Value Cigars
See Best Outdoor Gear (Camping, Hiking, Fishing), or for stargazing: Nemo Stargaze Recliner Luxury Camp Chair $220 [Amazon]
Exercise – Best Water Bottle (ice takes 24 hours to melt) – Hydro Flask $33 [Amazon] or if you’d like to infuse Water Bottle Infuser by Bonke 32 oz $20 [Amazon]
Also see Best Whey Protein Powder and Pre-Workout
Art / Painting – Paint by Number (Thomas Kinkade paintings come out great) ie [Amazon]. Also Best Yoga Mat in Weight Training Article
Art – Unless you are willing to pay $150-200+ for 36 markers, $300+ for 72 markers for $1,000 for ALL original markers (don’t get sketch), don’t get Copic, instead get the Prismacolor markers which are half the price (especially if you’re not already good with shading/blending/highlighting) because there is not a big difference. The downside, however, is that Prismacolor ink is not refillable (you will have to replace the marker). If you’re a casual, get the Prismacolor or maybe even get professional colored pencils first (Prismacolor or Faber-Castell), only get Copic if you will use them everyday.
Guitar – Rocksmith, or a guitar and recommend they learn on Justinguitar

Experience Ideas (Remember to take pictures!)
Gift card to: Restaurant, Music Store, iTunes (for music people, although some people just “steal” music)
Ticket to: Concert, Musical, Play
Activity Gift Card or just take them out to it together): Yoga (ie Aerial Yoga or Hot Yoga), Martial Arts, Massage / Spa, Golf Club (ie driving range or golf course round), Arcade (ie Dave and Busters), Music Instrument (ie drums, voice) or Cooking or Dance lessons, Small cheap recording studio, pottery, bungee-jumping, go-kart-racing, sky-diving, hot air balloon ride., Valentine’s Day – romantic walk, Fencing, Bubble Soccer, Putt putt
Adult – Tastings (Winery / Vineyard, Beer brewery, Liquor distillery, Meadery, Cidery), Restaurant
Festivals – Renaissance Festival, Fall Festival on a Farm

Party Ideas
Food: Pizza Party (ie cooking crazy pizza ideas, not ordering)
Alcohol: Chocolate Beer Party
Party Themes: Blindfold Party (only allowed to take off blindfolds in the bathroom or drink making / snack station)

Random Gift Websites
Uncommon Goods

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