Best Tennis Racket (Racquet)
Stringing – 16×19 over 18×20. 18×20 is more for pros.
Plus Size Rackets – The question of plus size rackets – the grip is longer to double fist it during two-handed backhand swing.
Grip – Be sure to wrap $2 grip around your racket. You don’t want the original grip to wear out. Grip thickness?

Yonex VCORE PRO 97HD 18×20 $240 [Amazon]. More maneuverable than the Wilson Blade 98 below, more forgiving isometric head shape (some people may not like it), some people say it has too much flex but others say that the flex is made up for by its heavier weight. Better than ezone 98?

Wilson Blade 98 16×19 $220 [Amazon] – V7 is the latest version (2020).

Best Tennis Shoes
Asics Gel Resolution 8 – Some of the most comfortable shoes ever. Great stability and still lightweight

Best Tennis Bag
We steer clear from the huge backpacks over 6 rackets. Do people really need to carry 12 rackets (and appropriate large bag) unless they’re holding tennis camp? Backpacks also seem on the smaller side and less versatile.
We most recommend the 6 racket bags, specifically the Wilson Super Tour $90 [Amazon red] , [Amazon silver]
We prefer these as on one side you can make a compartment for your tennis-specialized shoes. Some version do not seem to have the compartment separators.

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