Cream (creme) is better, and most used by LMTs (Licensed Massage Therapists) over any oil or lotion or gel. Gels have more filler, lotions are not thick enough, and as for oils (the most utilized alternative) – they stick around too much, don’t absorb into the skin, and people require a shower or leave greasy afterwards. Oils can also stain sheets, cause skin breakouts (acne), and allergic reactions (e.g. to coconut oil to some people).

When purchasing, save money by buying in bulk! In small quantities, these products tend to be expensive, e.g. 8oz/$14, 14oz/$30, half gallon (64oz) $40-50, gallon (128oz) $50-60. For most consumers, we recommend a half gallon, as a full gallon would be a lot for most.

Best Massage Creme: Biotone Creme *HIGHEST RECOMMENDED*

Biotone is the name brand that most LMTs (Licensed Massage Therapists) recognize and trust. A little goes a long way – not requiring multiple applications, works in smoothly for fantastic massages with great glide, and leaves clients with soft skin, no grimy oily feeling.

***Biotone Dual Purpose – $50/half gallon [Amazon] Most popular and the one we most recommend. Thicker and only need to use a little bit to get a great massage. Good for deep tissue. Some say this is slightly oily, so good for those with dry skin.

Biotone Advanced Therapy – [Amazon] Another popular option that many therapists, clients, and consumers love. Some say this is too thin and dries a bit faster.

Lesser recommended varieties

Biotone Nutri Naturals Massage Creme

Biotone Pure Touch Organics Massage Creme – Good for relaxation. Not as smooth or as much glide as Dual Purpose.

Biotone Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Massage Creme – Thin and more like a lotion than a cream.

Decent alternative – Bon Vital –

Bon Vital Complete

Bon Vital Muscle Therapy

Bon Vital Naturale (easily removed with water, odorless)

Bon Vital Multi Purpose

Massage Substances for Specific Use Cases

For Hot Stones – Oils seem to be the best for hot stones, as it allows the stones to glide better on the skin than lotion or gel. We would choose Biotone Revitalizing Unscented Oil. Other Brands: Pure Pro, generic coconut oil (some may be allergic). Oil types include Coconut Oil (fractionated) seem most popular, and others use Sunflower Oil (or mixed with coconut oil) or Jojoba or grapeseed (stains sheets) or Safflower or Emu (smells weird, expensive) oils, even olive oil. Mineral oil (aka baby oil) is also sometimes used.

For therapists or clients with Eczema – Neosporin Eczema Essentials cream

Don’t recommend

Sacred Earth Botanicals Cream – Not sure about

Earthlite Cream – not sure about

Soothing Touch – not sure about

Massage FX – super runny, only good for really hairy men, or similarly could use Biotone Oil as a substitute

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