Gibbon is the name brand in the Slackline industry. Some may say it is overpriced (Euro prices and shipped from overseas), however, they really do make quality equipment and stand out in the field. People complain about Slackline Industries (SI)’s quality, especially the ratchets, even though they are the former North-American branch of Gibbon.

Best Value Slackline – [To be researched]

Best Trickline – Instead of purchasing a set, it is better to buy the pieces individually.
1) The XXL Ratchets (Trick Tension Anchor, with Extra Big Ratchet) are the strongest and best quality, as compared to other ratchets in some sets. $85 [Amazon]
Remember that you will need two in order to use trickline webbing (because they do not have a loop). They also include the other pieces – such as XL treewear XL with velcro at end and sides, 3m round sling, shackles and backup line.

2) Trickline Webbing – Such as Elliments $50 [Amazon]

3) Slow Release $47 [Amazon] – This makes it much easier and safer to release the tension, taking down the webbing and ratchets. You only need one.

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